Beverages 1: what is Beer ?

Wikipedia said :

Beverages, are liquids specifically prepared for human consumption. In addition to basic needs, beverages form part of the culture of human society. Despite the fact that most beverages, including juice, soft drinks, and carbonated drinks, have some form of water in them; water itself is often not classified as a beverage, and the word beverage has been recurrently defined as not referring to water.
Non alcoholic
Wines/champagnes/sparkling wines
Hard liquors
Aerated waters
Natural spring water

The beer was first manufactured by Egyptians more than 2600 years ago.Beer can be defined as alcoholic beverage which contains carbon dioxide, and is manufactures from barley, hops, sugar and water and is fermented with yeast and filtered with finings. Beer contains between 4% to 9% alcohol, sugar and minerals. The main ingredient is water.  
How to make beer

Here is simplest brewing process:
  1. Malted barley is soaked in hot water to release the malt sugars.
  2. The malt sugar solution is boiled with Hops for seasoning.
  3. The solution is cooled and yeast is added to begin fermentation.
  4. The yeast ferments the sugars, releasing CO2 and ethyl alcohol.
  5. When the main fermentation is complete, the beer is bottled with a little bit of added sugar to provide the carbonation.

    Ingredients :

    Types of beer-

    • Light beer
    • Brown/Black beer
    • Ale beer
    • Stout beer
    • Lager beer
    • Pilsner beer
    • Dr aught beer

    Brands from different countries

    England                     Bass Guinnes Worthington
    Germany                   Beck’s Dortmunder Lowenbrau
    Holland                     Heineken Skol Amestel
    Australia                    Fosters Large Swan Larger
    Denmark                   Carlsberg Tuborg
    France                       Kronenburg Slavia
    Czechoslovakia          Pilsner Urquel Budweisser
    Sweden                     Skol
    Switzerland                Cardinal Gurten Muller
    U.S.A.                       Michelob Schlitz
    Japan                         Asahi Santoro Kirin
    Indonesia                   Anker Bintang San Miguel
    Philippine                  San Miguel
    China                        Pu Tao

    Beer Glasses
    Comes in many different types and shapes and sizes Includes Beer Mugs, goblets, pilsner glasses, Beer Boot

    Three things to know:
    • Beer has to be chilled 4-7c
    • Glass should be cleaned
    • There should be form/Head in beer
    What is Beer Shandy ?

    shandy is beer mixed with a soft drink, carbonated lemonade, ginger beer, ginger ale, or apple juice.
    How to make? 
    Fill a standard pint glass half-way with beer. Fill it the rest of the way with lemonade or other soft drink and Serve.

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