Attributes Of Hospitality Staff

If you are plan to join with Hospitality industry you have to have some qualities or Attributes for surveillance in the industry. If you haven’t one of those things you can’t be successful in Hospitality industry. The qualities required are the ones that people already possess and are natural traits that would fit any other industry! But these qualities need to be enhanced through cultivation of certain habits that would be of immense value for the industry

  • Personal Hygiene

 In Hospitality industry you always interact with guests or customers so your personal hygiene is must maintain correctly. unless your customers will reject you. In hospitality industry people said that you have to shower twice a day.

  • Knowledge of Food and Drinks

 Assume you are a F&B manager in your hotel one guest came and asking you what are included in this meal. in that case you cant say wait a minute sir i ask from cook and then tell you. so you have to know what ingredients use to cook this food what are included in this meal so and so. That’s why you have to have proper knowledge of food and drinks.

  • Punctuality

punctuality means do things in timely. so that is also important just because of some guest said i check out 8.30 and my flight is in at 9’o clock so i need my breakfast in 8.15 He is expecting your supply his breakfast in sharp 8.15 not 8.30 or 9.00 because he have to catch his flight. so in Hospitality industry punctuality is must thing.

  • Local/International Knowledge

If you are a manager in hotel or something you need better knowledge about your environment and international just because of some guests like to chat with you then they ask about international news you didn’t no it it’s not good for you. some guest’s are asking how to go to parliament i want to go Zoo what bus i have to catch so and so you have to have  better knowledge to answer those questions.

  • Personality

Personality is also important in hospitality you have better personalty to control your staff.

  • Memory

you have to have good memory about your loyal customers and their eating habits and what they like to drink like that not only that but also you have to keep mind of who are bad customers or who are struggling all times. it will help you to do your duty in quality.

  • Honestly
  • Loyalty
  • Conduct
  • Sales Ability
  • Seance of Urgency
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Common Seance
  • Seance of Humor
  • Power of Observation
  • Complaints Handling
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