07 Foods you must try in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has huge variety of foods. It has good food culture since ancient times. Sri Lankans national dish is the rice and curry. It serves with white or red rice and combination of 03 to 05 curries. Most of curries are spicy and cook using coconut milk. Most of  Sri Lankans eating vegetables. fish and dry fish is popular more than meat in Sri Lanka. Most of Sri lankan traditional dishes are colorful and with mouth watering aroma. Region to region foods are different and cooking methods are different.

Today we are going to list down 07 foods you must try in Sri Lanka because these 07 foods are popular among tourists and you cant taste these dishes in any where in the planet with this authentic taste.

01.  Milk Rice with Lunumiris (Kiribath)

Milk rice / Kiribath is a traditional dish made with rice and coconut milk. Milk rice is playing main role in any festival food table. It is preparing for celebrate every auspicious moments in Sri lanka.  Milk rice is mainly eating with Lunumiris which made with choped onions , chillies with bit of lemon juice and dried fish ( Umbalakada ). Milk rice is eating mainly for breakfast. You can buy Kiribath on most of the restaurants in breakfast.

Tasty hint – You can taste milk rice with sour fish curry ( Malu abulthiyal ) or with black chicken curry. It will treat your taste buds well.

02. Hoppers (Appa) 

Hoppers are made from fermented rice flour mix with coconut milk. It is bowl shaped and outer layer is crispy and middle part is soft. Crispy area is brown in color and center is white in color. Hoppers are mainly eating at night. There are three type of Hoppers

Plain Hoppers- Plain hoppers is the base it’s outer layer is browny and crispy. Center is soft and white.

Egg Hoppers – Egg hopper is same as plain hopper but egg is added to the center of the hopper

Honey Hoppers – Honey hoppers are made mixing palm trickle to plain hopper mixer. It sweet in taste.

Hoppers are normally eat with Lunumiris and fish curry.

Tasty hint –  Try hoppers with seeni sambol

03. Rice & Curry with Pol Sambol and curries  

Rice and curry is the main dish in Sri Lanka. Every house in Sri lanka use rice and curry as their main dish. It consist of Red rice or white rice and curries. Curries are made using Vegetables , fish or meat and adding flours with chillies, onions, saffrons , cloves , black peppers e.t.c ..  Lot of curries are cooking using coconut milk.  In one plate of rice and curry it includes 03 to 05 curries. Mainly fish or meat, two or three vegetables , fried papadam or chilies  and Mallum ( chopped leaves mixed with coconut).

Tasty hint – Try rice with polsambol , balck chicken curry and papadam. 

04. Koththu 

Koththu is the most famous street food in Sri Lanka. You can find Koththu in every corner of Sri lanka its famous among tourists and also with locals. Koththu is made up with Godamba roti slices with vegetables ,meat, gravy and egg. All ingredients are chopped using two metal blades with rhythmic tone.  You can here kottu making in every town at night. There are lot of kottu variations but most famous koththu’s are Cheese koththu, Dholphin koththu , and Palandi Koththu. Koththu is eating for dinner.

Tasty hint- Try Cheese koththu and ask koththu maker to add some fresh milk when he making koththu. 

05. Pol Roti ( Coconut roti) 

Pol roti is simple meal it is not a main meal. It is simply make using weat, rice or Kurakkan flour mixing with scraped coconut and bake using oil coated metal plate. It also mainly eating with Lunumiris or with sambol. Someone like to eat with chicken or fish gravy.  Pol roti is roun shaped and little bit hard not soft. You must try this because you cant taste good pol roti even in India. In some areas pol roti is bake using natural rock plate.

Tasty hint- Try kurakkan pol roti with palm trickle


06. Sri Lankan Crab

Sri lankan Crab’s are now famous all over the world because of Minister of crab belongs to two well known cricketers in Sri Lanka. Sri lanka has good quality crabs and Minister of crab has variety of crab menus and also you can taste it with any sizes. Not only minister of crab serving crabs you can find crabs on Seafood restaurant in beach area. Jaffna crab curry is also very tastiest.

Tasty hint – Try Jaffna crab curry

07. Sri Lankan Egg omelet 

Sri lankan omelette is very famous dish among tourists. It is made using sliced onions , green chilies, tomato , chopped garlic  and two eggs. This dish is famous for bite when your drinking or famous among tourists as a breakfast item.  It’s hot , spicy and soft.

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