How to Plan a successful tour itinerary 2

Tour itinerary contains list of travelling points and stop overs in detail. It should be give better idea to traveler what he / she doing during his / her  journey or tour. Good tour itinerary should Include following

 Arrival and Departure
This part is very crucial in tour itinerary. We have to indicate where we pickup clients and at what time we are going to get them and who welcomes them in the airport or destination they provided. Also we have to indicate at what time we getting them to departure.
Timing and millage

Timing and Millage is also very crucial part of the tour itinerary we have to indicate at what time tour starts on each day and what time they can checking in to hotels. Then client can get idea of how to plan his day to day routine while in tour.  Also you have to indicate Millage in each destination from start point of the day. It’s also useful for tour agent side also to make millage charts.

Inclusions & Exclusions  

In good tour itinerary you should clearly mentioned what you give to clients with this itinerary and what are not giving. I.E Some are B/B basis so it includes Breakfast Complimentary but it excludes lunch and dinner so you have to clearly list down inclusions and exclusions in tour itinerary. Then clients knows about what they get complimentary with tour plan and what they have to purchase and arrange by their own.

Lodging Details

You have to mention where they going to spend their night and also class of the lodging their going to stay. How many rooms , what is the standard of the room (deluxe, suit , Standard e.t.c) and also you have to indicate what is the meal plan for them you proposed.

Mode of travelling

You have to clearly mention what type of vehicle your going to provide them for ground transportation . if they are wishing to go  train excursion what is the class you booked for them what time train leaves from the station  , where is the Station they have to enter to train e.t.c


At the last you have to indicate budget of the traveler as per person and also in total cost. Also you have to indicate what are the entrance fees &  fees they have to pay for their other activities.

Cancellation policy  

You have to mention your company or travel agency cancellation policy in the tour itinerary. It will be provide you insurance if client cancel trip after the confirmation. It also easy for your client.

With all of these details you can make a good tour itinerary without help of anyone. If you follow this guideline your itinerary will be completed one. If you missed first article of  How to Plan a successful tour itinerary please visit here  

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