Is Sri lanka Safe to LGBTQ Tourism?

What is LGBTQ stands for?

LGBTQ represent Lesbian , Gay , Bisexual , Transgender and Queer.

According to IGLTA ( International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association) , LGBT tourism refers to the development and marketing of tourism products and services to lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people. Some products and services are designed specifically with LGBT travellers in mind, for example honeymoons and wedding ceremonies for same-sex couples, or accommodation or tours exclusively designed for groups of gay men or lesbian women.

Is LGBTQ legal in Sri Lanka ?

Actually in Sri Lanka its illegal under Article 365A but The Supreme Court of Sri Lanka has recognized that “the contemporary thinking, that consensual sex between people of the same sex should not be policed by the state nor should it be grounds for criminalisation.

Since 1948 country has not convicted anyone under this act. Government also act in neutral way for this provision. So any one no need to fear to travel Sri Lanka but in Sri Lankan culture old peoples not recognizing homosexuality.  But younger generation not caring  about this. it’s good to avoid public displays of affection, for the safety and security of both yourself and your fellow travellers.

LGBT activities only limited to Negombo and Colombo area now.

Is there any Tour Operators doing Gay or LGBTQ tours in Sri Lanka? 

I founded some tour operators are operating LGBT tours in Sri Lanka I listed them below

1. Foozoo Travel
2. Star Sapphire Tours
3. Gay Tours Sri Lanka

LGBT friendly Hotels in Sri Lanka

1. Mahasen by FOOZOO  – Colombo
2. Temple berg Villa – Kaduruduwa
3. Chaw Town East – Matara
4. Binnacle – Negombo
5. Dickman Resort – Negombo
6.Villa Don Hendrick – Tangalle

If you are planning to visit Sri Lanka as a LGBT don’t worry you have so many places to visit and stay also you are safe in here.

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