07 liquors you must try on Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a tropical country, most of liquors in Sri Lanka are based on juice extracted from coconut flower. Sri Lanka has the biggest variety of liquors. It ranges up to Moonshine to premium brands. Today we are listing 07 liquors you must try on Sri Lanka.

01. Lion Beer 

Lion beer is most famous among tourists it’s very smooth and it has unique taste they have three different type of lion beers

Lion larger 

Beer type – larger
Alcohol by volume – 4.8 %

Lion Strong

Beer type – larger
Alcohol by volume – 8.8 %

Lion Stout

Beer type – stout
Alcohol by volume – 8.8 %

Image courtesy goes to Lion Brewery (Ceylon) PLC

02. Extra special DCSL ( Gal) 

Sri Lankans most famous drink is the Gal. It’s famous all around Sri Lanka poorest people to richest people are consuming this brand because of its reputation. Its made up using naturally fermented coconut flower nectar.

Alcohol type – Arrack
Alcohol by volume – 33.5 %
Chaser – Soda or Coke

03. Toddy ( Ra )

Toddy (Ra) is one of the Sri Lanka’s famous drink. It’s not a strong liquor it has rich aroma and It has milky sweet taste. Sri Lanka has 03 type of toddy Pol ra ( coconut toddy) , Kithul ra  and Thal ra. It is extracted by tapping coconut flower / thal flower / Kithul flower. Toddy is drinking without chaser and originally drink using coconut shell as the cup.  Most of locals are like to eat pork as a bite with toddy.

Image courtesy 

04.  Coconut Arrack ( Pol )

It is recognized as a superior blend of fluffy coconut arack and imported high quality neutral spirits. its distinctive flavor stems from the traditional ripening process and the master blender’s expertise. This pol arrack is also famous among tourists because of its smooth flavor.

Alcohol type – Arrack
Chaser – Soda or Coke

05.  Sri Lanka Arrack 

It has unique taste and aroma that comes from the maturation in Halmilla vats. This sprit is  double distillation in pot stills.

Alcohol type – Arrack
Alcohol by volume – 36.5 %
Chaser – Soda or Coke

06. White Lion VSOA 

This is also made up with coconut flower nectar. It’s fermentation is processing without adding east total natural. After distilled it aged two years in Halmilla wood barrels. Before bottle caramel color is adding. It’s got the Silver Medal at the 2012 SIP Awards. VSOA stands for very special old arrack.

Alcohol type – Arrack
Alcohol by volume – 36.8 %
Chaser – Soda or Coke

07. Ceylon Arrack 

This is also made up with coconut flower nectar.Ceylon Arrack is securing its place in the international market being the base for a variety of innovative cocktails and punches.

Alcohol type – Arrack
Alcohol by volume – 40%
Chaser – Soda or Coke

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