07 Fruits you must try while traveling Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has wide variety of fruits most of them have an authentic flavour. Sri Lanka is a tropical country so there are plenty of fruits all year round. You can find one or two fruit stalls in every city. Comparing with other countries prices are very reasonable here. we listed below fruits you can find in Sri Lanka but rarely find in other countries. 

01. King Coconut 

This is the most famous fruit among tourists in Sri Lanka. It has a very sweet taste and you can eat the flesh inside the shell also. You can find king coconut on the street or in local fruit stores.

02. Rambutan (Type of Lychee)

Rambutan is a very famous fruit in Sri Lanka. It’s a very famous fruit among Tourists and as well as locals. It is a seasonal fruit you can find Rambutan from April to August from every corner of Sri Lanka. Its outer skin has spiky red hair and its inside flesh is sweet in taste. You must taste this fruit while you travel Sri Lanka. If you book your journey with  we recommend they will give you these fruit experiences. 

03. Anoda (Soursop fruit)
Anoda (Soursop fruit) is delicious and healthy fruit. It gives a good amount of fiber Vitamin C and nutrients. It has antibactirel and antidotes property. It has good medical value also. Any how you can find this fruit any local fruit store. Don’t forget to taste it while you travel around Sri Lanka journey Primer recommend you to taste this fruit. 
4. Wood Apple ( Divul)

You must try this fruit definitely while you travel around Sri Lanka. It has good smell and it’s help to boost your liver health. Wood apple is famous as a juice there are several juice products made from wood apple. Wood apple helps to keep your digestive system healthy. It has slightly tamarind taste. Locals make wood apple juice with adding coconut milk and sugar its really tasty. Wood apple is also used to make Jam and chutny. 

5. Mangosteen
This fruit is only you can find in south east Asia. Sri Lanka has plenty of Mangosteen but it is a seasonal fruit. It is very tasty and filled with calcium and Vitamin C. You can taste this around May to September. Its also called queen of fruits. Dont forget to taste this while you travel around Sri Lanka. 
6. Pineapple 

Pineapple is most famous tropical fruit amoung travellers around world. Sri Lanka has plenty of Pineapple’s. You can find Pineapple in every fruit store in Sri Lanka. You can witness pineapple plantations around Gampaha district and and many more districts in Srilanka. This fruit help to digest and also loaded with nutrients. 
7. Durian 

Durian is also a tropical fruit and its native to Indonisia. In Sri Lanka May to September you can find Durian in every fruit stalls and road side stalls. It is very nutiant fruit and rich of iron and vitamins. It has strong smell some one doesn’t like that Smell but trust me its really tasety. Dont forget to taste Durian if you see that, You will Thanks to Journey Primer after you taste that. 

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